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Almost every office or home uses Microsoft Office package to perform various routine tasks such as drafting a letter, preparing a financial statement, creating a slide show, etc. Proficiency in MS Office is surely an added advantage.

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About Course


Keeping this in mind, we have created a course on MS Office 2010 so that the aspiring learners could learn the basics of MS Office 2010, with considerable ease. The course covers the key features in the three main components of MS Office 2010 vide MS Word 2010, MS Excel 2010 and MS PowerPoint 2010.

MS Office and its applications are the one which most used by most of the businesses and organizations in this wide world. Definitely, it needs to be appreciated as a wonderful creation that have ever made. But, even this sometimes leads to unpleasant experience at workplace, if not worked properly. So, in order to survive in this technology world, it is highly necessary to get a specialized skill in MS Office. The way to get expertise is to undergo MS Office training. There are lots of training solutions available which helps to learn easily and smartly with no stress and strain.

We Zuan Education offer MS Office training course in Chennai work hard to improve the skill set of our candidates. Our training will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project and Access. We assure you that our training will definitely promote your productivity and efficiency, help in earning higher potential and professional worth, building self confidence and job satisfaction and more. Learn core and advanced skills of Microsoft Office products through our classes and enjoy your future that waits ahead for you.


  • Introduction to Computer
  • Introduction to Windows
  • Introduction to MS Office
  • Introduction to MS Word 2010
  • Understanding the MS Word 2010 Environment
  • Create, Save and Open Files
  • Basic Formatting Features (Font Formatting & Paragraph Formatting)
  • Basic Editing Features (Cut, Copy, Paste, Go To and Find & Replace)
  • Working with Tabs
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Word Art, Shapes and Pictures
  • Introduction to MS Excel 2010
  • Understanding the MS Excel 2010 Environment
  • Understanding Relative and Absolute References
  • Basic Functions (Arithmetic and Text Functions)
  • Working with Data Tables
  • Working with Charts
  • Introduction to MS PowerPoint 2010
  • Working with Slides (Adding, Deleting and Sorting Slides)
  • Working with Animation
  • Working with Transition
  • Setting up PowerPoint Show
  • Packaging PowerPoint Show
  • Introduction to Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
  • Placing a Worksheet in a Document
  • Placing a Document in a Worksheet
  • Basic Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Printing a File
  • Evaluation



  • Anyone with a Willingness to Learn
  • Fresh Job Seekers
  • Housewives
  • Small Office Home Office (SOHO) People
  • Well-Developed, Up-to-Date Course Curriculum Designed by The Experienced Experts
  • Learn from The Tutors having more than 10 years’ Experience
  • Exercises and Worksheets to master the Acquired Skills
  • Certification on Successful Completion
  • 10 Days



Our MS Office training will help you to learn all aspects of ms office functionalities from beginning.

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