HTML5 Training

HTML5 Training(Responsive Designing)

Website development is not very old; rather it has grown as a leading field within a short period of time. So, to become a proficient web designer or developer, it is must to learn HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). It is the most commonly used language to create standard web pages easily and quickly to make it work on cross browsers i.e. in both desktop and mobile devices.

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About Course


Our course will cover all the best practices that are needed for HTML and CSS including HTML5, CSS3 and more.

Nowadays HTML5 version is being considered as universal markup language since it is adaptable to wide range of devices. Learn HTML5 training in Chennai along with CSS3 and build responsive websites with ease to future web technologies.


  • Introduction
  • What role does HTML5 / CSS3 Play in Web Designing
  • What role does HTML5 / CSS3 Play in Web Designing
  • HTML Doctypes
  • HTML5 Character Set
  • HTML5 Meta Tags
  • Introduction to Tags / Elements / Attributes
  • HTML5 Structure
  • Creating a Project in Dreamweaver
  • Working with Text Elements
  • Heading Tags
  • Paragraph Tags
  • Formatting Tags
  • Introduction to CSS3
  • Types of CSS3
  • Adding Font Styles
  • Adding Font Colors
  • Adding Text Properties& Text Shadow
  • Inserting Images and Image Attributes
  • Working with Links and Link Attributes
  • Working with href attribute
  • Creating Mail Links
  • Styling Links using CSS Selectors
  • Working with Link States& Pseudo Classes
  • Working with Lists
  • Unordered List
  • Definition List
  • Styling Lists using CSS3
  • nth-child
  • first-child
  • first-of-type
  • last-child
  • last-of-type
  • Working with Tables
  • Table Row
  • Table Column
  • Column / RowSpan
  • Table Attributes
  • Adding Caption
  • Styling Tables using CSS3
  • Other HTML Tags
  • iFrames
  • Progress
  • Blockquote
  • Mark
  • HTML5 Div Elements
  • Styling Div Blocks
  • Working with Borders& Border Radius
  • Box Shadow
  • Working with Outlines
  • HTML5 Div Elements
  • Positioning
  • Colors / Opacity & Gradients
  • Adding Background Images
  • Background Positioning
  • Overflow
  • Working with Sprites
  • Working with Forms
  • HTML5 Form Elements
  • HTML5 Input Types
  • HTML5 Input Attributes
  • Working with HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • Article
  • Aside
  • Details
  • Figcaption
  • Figure
  • Header
  • Main
  • Mark
  • Nav
  • Section
  • Summary
  • Adding Maps and Media using iFrames
  • HTML Media Tags
  • Audio Tag
  • Video Tag
  • Flexbox / Multiple Count
  •  Working with Media Queries
  • Working with Media Queries
  • Transforms (2D & 3D
  • Creating an Entire Website ( Session - 1 )
  • Creating an Entire Website ( Session - 3 )


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  • Any Graduate with computer background
  • Job seekers who want a career in web designing
  • Fresh Job Seekers
  • Well-Developed, Up-to-Date Course Curriculum Designed by The Experienced Experts
  • Learn from The Tutors having more than 10 years’ Experience
  • Exercises and Worksheets to master the Acquired Skills
  • Certification on Successful Completion
  • 30 Days



Our HTML5/ Responsive designing training lets you customize your own theme based website from scratch. After completing the classes you can develop your own WordPress website like a pro.

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