Basic of Computers

Basic of Computers

The knowledge of computer basics is very essential in this technology world since no work is complete without a computer. The basic computer training in Chennai offered by Zuan Education provides the best assistance that helps in making you as a computer literate.

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About Course

As we know nowadays it is a common thing for children and youngsters, yet there are some people who are not well knowledgeable in using computers even for performing small activities. Especially people like housewives, senior citizens and those who are from rural background, feels difficult to cope-up with others in operating the system effectively. Hence, our institute decided to offer basic computer training to help those people to clearly understand and build their skills with computers.

The training course provided by our center will improve your computer productivity in a great way. We will teach from introduction, parts of computer such as hardware to software and also how to use it effectively for your daily works. Join now and enhanced your skills to become the master of computers!


  • Expansion of Computer
  • Features of Computer
  • History of Computers
  • Personal Computer
  • Super Computer
  • Mainframe Computers
  • Overview of CPU
  • Process of CPU
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • What is Input Device?
  • What is Output Device?
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • What is Hardware & Software?
  • Hardware Components
  • Ram [Read Access Memory]
  • Rom [Read Only Memory]
  • Hard Disk
  • Hard Disk Uses
  • What is Storage Devices?
  • Types of Storage Devices
  • Primary Storage
  • Secondary Storage
  • Primary Storage Devices
  • Secondary Storage Devices
  • Switch on the Power button
  • Entering Passwords to your PC
  • Getting Started
  • Working with Your Applications




Our Basic computer training let everyone to understand and make use of the computers without any fear.

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