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Android Training in Chennai

In the grand scheme of mobile devices, there are only two games in town: Apple’s locked-down iOS, and Google’s free-as-a-bird Android.

Android started from smart phones but has now accumulated 14+ billion users connected to their network every second of their time. Through wearable devices recently launched and android powered automobiles to be launched soon, it has become a dominant operating system to drive our devices.

The world of technology is truly enthusiastic about the amazing scope that come tagged with Android.
Plenty of opportunity showcased for those looking to enter the mobile app development field as an Android Application Developer. These are still the early days, and those who join now are nothing short of early adopters.We let the statistics speak …..

• Number of global android users: 14 billion users
• Android’s market share of global mobile operating system 53.3%
• Number of Android devices: 4000+devices
• There are around 2.0 hundred thousand+ games, application and widgets available on the market for users.

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About Android Course


Intellectual part of our course:
Our hands-on course conveys the fundamental skills necessary to deploy Android Apps on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
Attendees will learn about the following segments,

• Android Software Development Kit (SDK),

• The two primary integrated development environments (IDE) ,Eclipse and Android studio.

• Git Hub and Bit Bucket – services for managing projects,

• Screen configuration and sizes,

• Activity class, Intents and Permission, Fragments

• Designing User Interfaces

• ADC 1 and ADC2 – Competitions held for most innovative applications for Android under software and application development and more.

Developing for Android is far more than just putting Java in a text editor. If you have a little bit of experience with writing code there’s a lot you may not be aware you need to know just yet.

What earning a certificate in Android App Development holds for you:

The future scope of Android is limitless and so for you. How? Allow us tell you the ongoing innovations in Android

• Project ARA: A revolutionary idea which is going to disrupt the smartphone industry with its modular design and aesthetics.

• Health Industry: That time is not far when we will test our blood samples using our smartphone. Some Innovations like Heart Rate monitor, tracking sensor, diet Schedule…etc. is already available on androids. Health Industry needs a greater chunk of Technology of Android.

• Artificial Intelligence:AI in Android is going to automate the whole world with its DeepMind Technology.
Artificial Intelligence is changing the world, and humankind must adapt. AI is going to be integrated in almost every day-to-day tech products by 2025.

This is just a beginning. Behold for ultimate future coming.

Why from us?

We are the only of the Android Training institute in Chennai who teaches the building blocks of how apps work, so you can design the framework that you’ll be building your own top class apps on Android.

Android targets more than just phones. This Android course with us will help an android application developer to learn and analysis how phones, tablets, TVs, and watches all relate and how you can design an interface that adapts to all of them.


  • Why we Need Mobile Apps
  • Different Kinds of Mobile Apps
  • Briefly about Android
  • History Behind Android Development
  • What is Android?
  • Pre-requisites to learn Android
  • Brief Discussion on Java Programming
  • Overview of Android Stack
  • Android Features
  • Introduction to OS layers
  • Linux Kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Application Framework
  • Dalvik VM
  • Configuring Android Stack
  • Creating Eclipse Environment
  • Integrating Android with Eclipse IDE
  • Exploring Eclipse IDE
  • Creating Android Project
  • Debugging Application through DDMS
  • setting up environment
  • AVD Creation
  • Executing Project on Android Screen
  • Hello World App
  • Building UI with Activities
  • Advanced UI
  • Notifications
  • Multithreading
  • Styles And Themes
  • Resources and Assets
  • Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers
  • Receiving System Broadcast
  • Data Storage
  • Content Providers
  • Multimedia in Android
  • Location Based Services and Google Maps
  • Web Services and WebView
  • Sensors
  • WiFi
  • Telephony Services
  • WiFi
  • Camera
  • Android Application Deployment



  • Any Graduate with computer background
  • Knowledge of using HTML, CSS
  • Fresh Job Seekers
  • Well-Developed, Up-to-Date Course Curriculum Designed by The Experienced Experts
  • Learn from The Tutors having more than 10 years’ Experience
  • Exercises and Worksheets to master the Acquired Skills
  • Certification on Successful Completion
  • 30 Days



Our Android training helps you to design and develop very first mobile application by your own. Our course modules help you to strong in android mobile application development field.

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